Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest


Pickleball for Any Reason and Every Season

Pickles and Play is an elite upscale indoor pickleball sports facility with 7 state-of-the-art elite performance dedicated courts. The climate-controlled environment with premium lighting to illuminate your playing experience provides optimal playing conditions all year round. You can enjoy indoor pickleball for any reason and every season! 

Offering over 18,000 square feet with professional tournament-grade indoor courts, the indoor pickleball model will offer memberships, reserved courts, open play, personal training, PlaySight video technology for live streaming and training, enhanced recording capabilities, group instruction, tournaments, leagues, a pro shop, corporate and private events, birthday parties, and a highly structured youth program. In addition, the company has secured twelve ancillary outdoor courts to utilize for tournaments and overflow programming.


Pickleball is taking over the United States, and momentum continues to grow as the sport goes more mainstream. An estimated 4.8 million people in the U.S. now play pickleball, and participation has increased by 39.3% in the past two years, making it the country’s fastest-growing sport. 

However, the Raleigh area lacks pickleball courts, and as the number of players continues to increase, the demand for courts has become suffocating. Not only do we need more courts for an expanding market, but we also need the right facility with the best courts to serve the increasing number of players at the highest level. 

One of the keys to taking your pickleball game to the next level is having a convenient place to play. Public courts have become overcrowded and private clubs are too expensive as well as inaccessible for the average player; this combination leaves most players seeking options to have exclusivity while also searching for a community to be a part of while participating in this healthy activity. The best venue for all players is a facility that has dedicated courts located in an accessible area, yet currently, there is no such place within 100 miles of the RDU area.


Co-founder and managing member Lane Ethridge suggest, “The growth of pickleball is partly attributed to the addictive nature of the game as well as the inclusive culture it breeds for all those who find it, usually at the time in their life when they need it more than they realize. I believe it will continue to expand in our market and attract a variety of players from the ultra-competitive to the exploding social and rec players seeking a way to spend time getting fun exercise while meeting new people who share a common love for the game. Pickles and Play will become the preeminent pickleball venue in the area, with expansion opportunities as we develop and grow. With the most elite expertise and experience growing multiple venues, combined with proven success in a parallel sports industry, our team has the ability to make this venue a massive success and be the industry leader.” 




Our team is unmatched, and we have approached the design of the facility and the programming from a player’s perspective to ensure a first-class experience. We will have the most professional courts as well as the programming and services to support all players, from the casual recreational player to the ultra-competitive. Within the sport of pickleball, there are various opportunities for players to be involved depending on the amount of time to participate, their intention for why they are playing (such as socialization or competition), their fitness level, and their personal goals while they are involved in the sport. 

Pickles and Play is rooted in a servant approach and prides itself on Culture, Camaraderie, Competition, and Community.  

Passionate about serving the pickleball community, Ethridge recognizes, “Pickleball changed my life, and I don’t take for granted the ability to make a living doing what not everyone has the luxury of doing at all. Thank you for helping us expand and serve our community at an even greater level. Together, we will be a dynamic team.”