Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Like every sport, there are fundamental key principles that every player should understand and implement into their game on a consistent basis to create dramatic results. 

This clinic focuses on some of the common challenges players experience when they are learning the game as well as helping with optimal position to understand how to limit frustrations and become more proficient. We hope to help you avoid common pitfalls and create healthy habits (or help break some of them if you’ve already created them). 

This is a great class for those who have maybe plateaued or want to accelerate their all around game. 


This will be an equal balance of drills and live playing to help you learn and then implement into real-time performance. This also can serve as a refresher of the rules and how to keep score. 

Professional Trainers:
Lane Ethridge, Professional
L/E Coaching Staff

Eligible Levels: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0

Minimum players: 3

Maximum players: 8