Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Offered by LE Training

Open Winter Adult Camp/Clinic
December 2, 2023 – 9:00am – 2:00pm (Ideal for 2.75-3.5 Players)
December 2, 2023 – 3:00pm – 8:00pm (Ideal for 3.5-4.25 Players)
December 3, 2023 – 9:00am – 2:00pm (Ideal for 2.75-3.5 Players)
All Camps have a $179.00 Tuition Fee

The Saturday and Sunday clinics from 9am-2pm are great for advanced beginner to high-intermediate level players. The Saturday afternoon clinic is only for more experienced, higher-level advanced players and must be approved to qualify for that clinic.

Lane Ethridge, Camp Director

What you will learn during the camp:

  • Strategic and tactical shot selection
  • Transition zone mastery – Intentional and deliberate progression from baseline to kitchen 
  • Reset proficiency – neutralizing bangers
  • Mental mastery to move from reactionary play to responsive and deliberate play 
  • Dynamic dinking
  • Fusing the technical and tactical approach to control your opponents 
  • Strategically setting up points
  • Identify your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses to create points rather than be controlled 
  • Third-shot drop supremacy 
  • Utilizing powerful drives and attacks
  • Using your serves and returns of serve as weapons 
  • Proficient court positioning to work smarter, not harder
  • Covering the middle 
  • Volleys at the NVZ
  • Reducing pop ups so you don’t get your partner smashed 
  • Lobs: Creating and defending against
North Raleigh and Wake Forest Pickleball Group Attending Pickleball Clinic

Format Throughout the Camp

One-skill, focused drilling stations with one of the coaches to develop sustained, healthy habits

Interactive multi-coach support drills for comprehensive tactical development 

Live play coaching for improved decision-making and tactical enhancement

Working breaks (play or sit with the coaches of your preference to mastermind)

Notebooks provided for self-reflection and powerful takeaways to have continued success

Possible private lessons available right after the clinic on the open courts

We are thrilled to have you acceLErate your game with us!! Find comfort in being uncomfortable. If you are not willing to learn and grow, nobody can help you; if you are determined to do both, nobody will be able to stop you. We are excited to have you as part of our amazing pickLEball community!

We will have a special exhibition match with the coaches Saturday 2:15-3pm!!

You will benefit from a premier team of professional trainers for this camp. All from various parts of the southeast, they are committed to make your experience elite.


Top-Level Trainers

  • All of the trainers are Nationally top Ranked in the sport.
  • All Trainers have Certifications from the IPTPA, PPR and/or other accreditation 
  • All Professionals are committed to taking you to the next level
  • Participants will learn and play with the pro instructors
  • All players will rotate to each pro during the camp
  • You’ll have no more than an 8:1 player-to-coach ratio with like-ability players


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