Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

It is the philosophy of Pickles and Play to bring professional trainers to the region that are first and foremost high integrity people off the court as pickleball is about the people and community. Of course, on the court our coaching team is industry leading. We have compiled one of the most high-caliber teams who will offer their services on a regular basis while others will strictly be available for exclusive opportunities for the Pickles and Play community. A wide geographic representation enables our program to bring the premier leaders in the industry. We share a vision and collaboration to make your experience elite. We are confident they will serve you on the court for your pickleball goals, and off the court because they are genuine and impactful.

Most of the Professionals have extensive racquet experience in addition to pickleball and are credited with substantial tournament experience. Additionally, as certified coaches they are able to instruct with an array of perspectives to enhance your development. 


  • Our trainers are Nationally top Ranked in the sport.
  • All Trainers have Certifications from the IPTPA, PPR and/or other accreditation 
  • We hired a variety of Professionals to take you to the next level
  • During clinics we keep mostly a 1:8 player maximum ratio with similar skill players
Lane Ethridge
Lane is the founder of Lane Ethridge Pickleball and co-founder and the CEO of Pickles and Play. He has served as the Director and lead pro instructor at Northridge Country Club, Director of Lifetime Raleigh for 16 months taking it to the top 10 in the country, has served as the President of the Wake Forest Pickleball Association and acted as the lead pro instructor for the inaugural Carpe Dink’Em international pickleball vacations in the Dominican Republic. His excitement and enthusiasm for training and building the pickleball community is contagious!
IPTPA Certified Coach 

Avery Rogers

Avery has been an active sports enthusiast from a young age with his main sports including baseball, basketball, soccer and football.  He achieved the most success in baseball as he participated in the Cooperstown National Little League Tournament at eleven (11). Avery went on to play college baseball at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where he obtained a music degree with a focus on Classical Guitar and Music Theory.  Avery was a team captain and was selected for the First Team All-Region and Second Team All-American teams for Division Three baseball.  Avery ended his baseball career playing a season of Semi-Professional baseball with the Kansas City Royals before electing to attend law school.

Avery attended law school in Raleigh, NC at Campbell University where his mentor was NC Chief Justice Newby (also a pickleball lover).  He graduated in 2018 and passed the Universal Bar Exam in 2019 receiving his NC BAR certification.  He started his working career in a small firm primarily focusing on defense cases for major pharmaceutical companies.  He transitioned into State employment as mediator and judge for unemployment cases with the NC Department of Commerce, Division of Employment Security, from 2020 to August of 2022.  He then resigned to help with his wife’s business as a social media creator (Rebecca Rogers).  He studied filming, lighting and video editing, becoming proficient in social media practices and video creation while operating independently as a self-employed attorney and part-time Pickleball Coach.

Avery started playing Pickleball over ten (10) years ago while he was in college.  He played in his first tournament in 2014 entering as a 5.0 where he placed Silver, winning a match against Pro Player and Ambassador Kyle Yates.   Avery progressively began falling in love with the sport dedicating more time to the sport we know and love.  He started playing in tournaments again in March of 2023. He became an IPTPA Certified Coach in April of 2023 and was accepted as an IPTPA Director in October of 2023.  He now happily works as a full-time pickleball pro, coach and manager at Pickles and Play as he assists with his wife’s social media channels and drills in hopes of qualifying for the PPA, APP and/or MLP.

Jim Dobran 
Jim a member of the Pro Team for ProXR Pickleball. He is one of the highest rated players in all of North Carolina with a 5.5+ DUPR rating and travels to play in Pro tournaments all over the country. Jim has been ranked as high as top 40 in mixed doubles and top 75 in men’s doubles. Before deciding to compete solely at the pro level, Jim won 17 medals at the 5.0 level. Educating young student is one of his passions as he taught 7 years of High School Math and Physical Education. Jim will be featured for exclusive opportunities at Pickles and Play such as camps and other unique special events. 
IPTPA Certified Coach
Pam Gilbert playing pickleball
Pam Gilbert
Won Gold in Senior Pro APP New York 2023.
Pam Has taught and directed programs in tennis for 40 years and currently teaching pickleball at Lochmere to beginners as well as advanced players, along with coaching her own private students.  Pam’s specialty is strategy,  shot selection and creation of patterns for doubles teams.  Pam is a local player and instructor and will be featured for regular programs and special guest instructor for exclusive opportunities at Pickles and Play such as camps and other special events.