Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest

Pickles and Play
North Raleigh / Wake Forest


Our staff is comprised of professionals to ensure every experience is organized, efficient, and successful. Our commitment and dedication are driven by the opportunity to interact and impact you in an integrity-filled environment where you have the opportunity to experience pickleball at its finest.

We applaud the efforts and achievements of every individual. Our staff and professional trainers have committed to the Core Values upon which Pickles and Play were founded.

The principles adhered to in our personal code of conduct are what guide our decisions in life.


Maintain Integrity
Every action must be conducted with sincerity and integrity. Honesty, transparency, and loyalty are integral to our ability to mentor and interact with others. 

Embrace Challenge
Our sport is ever-evolving. The style, philosophy, and skill components are very different today than even 5 years ago. We embrace every change, which creates it own challenge

Exceed Expectations
Go beyond the level of the norm, be efficient but always over-deliver.

Honor Every Relationship
We are entrusted with mentoring the most treasured gift…..you. We strive to earn and value your trust

Visionary to Change
Set the level for others to aspire toward. Implement new, innovative measures to enhance the brand and impact the results of our clientele.

Be Loyal
Value strong relationships with co-workers, clients, and families in all aspects.


Jay Bircher

Originally from Ohio, Jay is a seasoned operational leader with more than 30 years in the Pharma/Biotech industry.  Currently serving as Chief Technical Operations Officer, Jay has responsibility for all technical operations for a clinical based gene therapy organization and has held senior roles in the biotech industry for the past two decades. Jay’s direct Business Operations experience, building manufacturing facilities and supporting operations that meet strict FDA and other regulatory requirements will be instrumental to the growth of Pickles and Play.

Jay received his Bachelors of Science from Marshall University, his Project Management Professional Certification from Villanova University and is Six Sigma Certified, a special designation for Business Executives with exceptional Business acumen. In his free time, Jay enjoys spending time with his family and pursing his passion for pickleball on a court locally or in a high level tournament across the United States.

Lane Ethridge

With a strong corporate background in real estate, Lane has previously served as Acquisition Manager, VP of Sales, and Consultant for multiple firms and equity organizations. Those experiences helped form a strong business background that became transferrable to other entrepreneurial pursuits and interests. Lane’s passion for pickleball began as a player, traveling to multiple states, and competing in numerous tournaments at the highest level. Recognizing the need for personal and group instruction, he formed Lane Ethridge Pickleball, a dedicated team of coaches and professional trainers. Through the interactive experiences leading LE Pickleball, Ethridge connected a diverse team of owners to develop Pickles and Play, featuring multiple locations of Indoor Pickleball Centers.

Originally from the Raleigh area, he has focused on the development of Pickleball in the region, serving as the Pickleball Pro at Northridge Country Club and Lifetime Raleigh. He also has served as a guest clinician internationally on multiple pickleball tours. A graduate from Virginia Tech University, Lane received his bachelors in communications. Combining his interest in writing and public speaking, Lane has authored four bestselling books on the psychology of success.